Congratulations to me


You made it to Wednesday – hurray! You successfully maneuvered half of a busy week and have arrived at the point where you get closer to the weekend. Besides reaching this weekly apex, you should also pat yourself on the back for:

  • not getting stuck in any way, shape, or form of crawling traffic when it started to snow on Monday
  • refusing to be bitter about the bitter cold
  • successfully dealing with an over-emotional 8 year old while picking up school supplies for a project at the grocery store yesterday; you thought about leaving him there forever and hoping the store might gainfully employ him at some point – 8 years down the road…but you thought better of it and decided to take him home with you
  • waking up
  • driving 47 miles into work and not thinking once (at least in the past couple of days), “Gee, I wish I didn’t have to do this today”
  • confidently organizing 7 young 8-11 year old girls at your house last night for Activity Days and dragging them around the neighborhood to deliver Secret Santa treats, thereby hopefully teaching them that it is better to give than to receive
  • not letting a kitchen covered in sugar cookies, flour, frosting, tinsel, twinkle lights, open suitcases, a half-eaten piece of pizza, confetti from a recent party, posters for a school project, Crayola markers, Crayola crayons, lego men of all shapes and sizes, backpack, three pairs of shoes, and 3 dirty cookie sheets get you down; you promptly turned up your newest Christmas CD featuring Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Dean Martin and made row upon row of sugar cookie stars
  • laughing so hard at lunch today with Brian and Ryan that all the stress you’ve piled up on yourself over the past three days just seemed to melt away with the ice cubes you accidentally dropped on the floor (and subsequently almost slipped on)
  • staying hopeful

As a reward for reaching this ever critical mark, you get the next couple of working days off to just enjoy, sit back, and soak up some much needed sun without a constant buzz and chatter in your ear from six bazillion different people. Congratulations, me, and keep up the good work.

{every once in awhile I have to give myself this kind of pep talk – don’t you?} 🙂


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