“And in the mornin’, I’m gonna make us some waffles!”

This is what is at the top of my son’s Christmas list:

wafflesmakerWhen he first mentioned this to me, I asked him “A waffle maker? Really? No toys? No ripstick? No new ball?” Don’t get me wrong, I was completely fine with the fact that he didn’t ask for a hundred lego sets or something else equally not needed. But the waffle maker request did throw me for a loop.

I delved a little further into his request, wanting to know specifically why he would ask Santa Claus for a waffle maker vs. anything else that has 80 commercials on tv these days.

“Because, Mom, you and me  just spend a lot of time at breakfast and we should get a waffle maker so we can have french toast, crepes, and waffles all at once. And Ryan and Natalie have one and it’s pretty cool.”

There you have it. We’re going to be gorging ourselves silly on breakfast foods after Christmas morning so you will all be invited to come over and help us devour piles of french toast, crepes, and waffles. Breakfast is something we are good at at our house – and a waffle maker is something I know Santa wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks on to stick under the tree.

Now if I can just figure out what a Bakugan is…



  1. Amy · December 10, 2008

    That is so dang cute! I wish my kids would ask for things like that but unfortunately, they are all about the ripstik (Caleb), Nintendo DS (Carson)and whatever else is going to put me in the poor house. Oh and I was thinking that we should all get together on Tuesday, Dec 23. I’m telling you because Jeff will say maybe and you could convince him otherwise. My mom gets here on Monday so I thought that might work. Let me know what you think….

  2. Natalie · December 11, 2008

    It’s pretty dang handy, that’s for sure! Such a smart kid!

  3. bakugan · December 16, 2008

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