Busy past few days (as in biz-zay – seriously)

I am trying to catch up on the last few days. Not just for some online thingamajigger that I occasionally post to once in awhile, but for my own sanity and peace of mind. Let me start out with Thursday night.

twilight-005Thursday Night: Twilight night! As I mentioned before, Natalie held a little soiree at her home, complete with trivia games and prizes, awesome food (“bitten” cupcakes – see pic below), and the cutest little craft activity. In the book, the lead character Bella has a charm bracelet with a heart from Edward and a wolf from Jacob. Natalie rounded up heart beads for all of us to make ourselves a bracelet or charm or earrings or what have you. It was so cute and creative! We all wore our designs to the movie, of course. And our fangs from our cupcakes.

The pictures below show off some of our fun (sorry for the quality – I had to take all the pics with my Blackberry in lowlight):

twilight-004 twilight-006 vampire-family

(this is what my family would look like if we were all vampires; complete with red eyes, of course)

Friday: I am able to work from home on Fridays (soooo helpful after three hours of sleep) which is such a nice perk of my job. And thank heavens I do because I was surprised at my front door by an agent who was coming in to show a young newlywed couple my house. My agent (whom I love – she’s great) had mixed up the date on when they were coming and forgot to call me to give me a heads up. So I asked the agent if I could have a 15-20 minutes to just run through my house really quickly. 

Well, needless to say I was a bit ragged and razzled when I left to take a walk around my neighborhood as they looked through my house. I didn’t have any expectations that anything might transpire from their visit.

Saturday: Yes, Ute fans, say it with me – BEST DAY EVER!!! All day long I was anxious about the game, just wanting it to get started. If a BCS bowl bid weren’t on the line, I don’t think I would’ve been nervous at all. But this was a huge game! As in HUGE! And boy, did the Utes come out to play.

Roughly 10 of us watched the big U vs. BYU game up at my parents house (while they went to the game). Two were Y fans and the rest of us were normal. 🙂 Ben was just pacing the floor before the game got underway, the tension visibly palpable as evidenced by the clenched fingerprint markings in the chair he happened to occupy. 

Dnews UtahBYU.sptNeedless to say, we certainly whooped it up at my parents house. Now we’re just waiting to find out: Sugar Bowl? Orange Bowl? Fiesta Bowl? I would love to take a trip out with Caden and cheer them on firsthand.

Besides the win, I also got some interesting news during halftime. My agent called me and said, “The couple who came by yesterday would like to make an offer on your home.” Um – what??!!!???!!! I was in total shock. But, but my house wasn’t vacuumed…but, but the laundry was still in the basket…but, but there was a dish in the sink. Apparently that didn’t matter. They love the area (as do I) and they are ready to move. I did counteroffer which brings me to…

Monday: I just got word – they accepted my counteroffer so my home is officially sold. We close on the 22nd and I am going to rent back a week so that I can stay through Christmas and move out by the 29th. The reality of selling my house is just starting to sink in. At times I am excited, at other times I am very emotional. Selling means I have to move. Selling means I have to leave the first home I ever bought – just me, by myself, to have a little home. Selling also means opportunity – to buy, to move, to invest, etc. There are just so many mixed emotions around this…one minute I’m happy, the next I’m sad. But I am thrilled for the couple that is buying my home. My area is chock full of young couples which will be absolutely perfect for them. They will love the area. And I will hate leaving it.




  1. Campbell Cuties · November 24, 2008

    Hey-thanks for the Twilight shout out. And, another thing: WHAT?! your house sold? So are you gonna move in with us, or what? I’ll be interested to learn what the dealeo is…

  2. Susan · November 24, 2008

    Congrats on selling your house! Where will you go now? Will you be going to Oregon with the job? Call me and lets chat!

  3. katie · November 24, 2008

    wow Congratulations! That has to be a relief! But yes, what and where to now?? Let us know. Back to mom and dad’s??

  4. Amy · November 24, 2008

    Awww…I so felt that way when we sold our first house. I cried and cried. But we love the new house!

    BTW, I love Twilight and had my own movie night with my friends. Did you like the movie?

  5. Judy Wright · November 24, 2008

    Wow! Congratulations on the sale of your home. Now you really are free to decide whether to go or stay in the Valley.

    Love reading your blog, Angie—and we’re aching to hug that big boy.

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