The most important week EVER



Well, it’s come down to this: Utes vs. Cougars in a matchup for the outright title and a trip to what looks like may be the Sugar Bowl. This week is going to be interminably long for me at work. Mainly because I work with a lot of wonderfully self-righteous, blowhard, completely overbearing, avid BYU fans. 🙂 There’s a small contingent of us that bleed red and we’ve decided to deck our cubes out in total RED all week long in support of our team.

College football doesn’t get any better than this, people. First off, it’s a rivalry game – it’s nicknamed The Holy War (for a very good reason) and gives you bragging rights for the next year. The Cougs have had their bragging rights renewed two years in a row and all I have to say is not this year, baby! Second, it’s a BCS busting year. Truthfully, the Zoobies should be hoping the Utes do win because it really helps our conference out. The Mountain West doesn’t get any respect and look at the talent we have: the Utes, the Y, TCU, Colorado St, and fairly decent teams in Air Force, New Mexico, and off and on Wyoming (they did beat Tennessee). 

I wish I were able to go to the game this Saturday but sadly, not able to snag a couple of tix for a somewhat reasonable amount (one guy I work with sold his 2 tickets for $350 a piece – hello, Christmas Cash). However, I don’t mind screaming at the tv up at my parents house (as I don’t have The Mountain at home – another gripe: what the HECK? Why isn’t a game like THIS on ESPN????). Oh my gosh, how much do I love college football?


(my dad will be so proud he raised a daughter right)


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