Digging a few tunes

Considering all of the crazy flurry that has consumed me as of late, I’ve found myself listening to my iPod or my shuffle quite frequently. Sometimes to release stress, sometimes to send me into a sleep coma, and sometimes just because I need to drown out petulant voices that ring shrill in my ear. 

Here’s what I’ve got poppin’ in my ipod:



I have to say that I would really like to be playing these tunes on this:


It seems that the holidays are coming up, or, er, are already here…this would be a GREAT present to give me (hint, hint). I gave away a few of these at my recent conference and they thoroughly enticed me. Not that I really need a new iPod…I just really, really like it’s purple-ish lovely goodness.


One comment

  1. Amy · November 15, 2008

    Hey if Santa is passing out Ipods, get me on that list! I don’t even own one…:( And I can’t even ask Allan for one because I just purchased many items at the furniture store. Oh and I completely over spent at Scrapbook USA too. I don’t think the kids need Christmas presents appearently! So I guess Santa won’t be bringing me one one because I’m naughty!

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