Seven days later

One week ago I was making last minute collections for Halloween, sitting through three hour meetings for a conference I helped organize, and enjoying the last vestiges of warm weather.

This was Halloween:


I was a Bed Bug for Halloween. Each year we have an aisle decorating contest at work and we try to pick a fun theme. I came up with the idea this year of The Great Bug Infestation of 2007, a nod to the bed bug infestation we had occur from co-workers traveling to Malaysia and bringing back tainted flags. It was a nightmare of comical proportions–the building was closed for several days for spraying, people had to throw out mattresses, there were bites to treat, so obviously it was something we could make fun of now. We actually won the group costume contest.


Caden was Indiana Jones this year which was fantastic because that is one easy costume to put together. Forget all the sewing I had to do for Elvis 2006; Indy’s costume came ala one Deseret Industries. Safari-looking campshirt? $4. Satchel? 75 cents. Cargo pants? Already had ’em. Hat? $4 at Joanns. Whip? $5 at a costume store. Total cost? $13.75. Caden’s enjoyment and my reaction to not paying a lot for a cheap costume that falls apart the second you put it on? Priceless.


Tomorrow I will have to let you in on the lovely conference I helped organize up at Snowbird for my company the past couple of days. I’m still trying to catch up on missed sleep…


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