HSM3 and Four Men

Last night I went with Caden, Natalie, Annie, Hilary, and Ella to High School Musical 3. I have to admit that I’ve barely even seen the first two – in fact, I have not even seen in entirety the second movie. But I knew that this is the type of movie you can bring anyone to and not feel embarrassed.

When we walked in to the almost empty theater at the Gateway (sssshhhhh! don’t tell anyone I took my kid out on a school night to a movie!), I noticed that sitting right in front of the six of us were four men. Grown men. Older men. No kids in sight. No women. Hmmmmm…………………………..

I kept wondering if their wives/girlfriends/kids would wander in and join them and that perhaps they were just saving the seats. When the movie started and these guys kicked back, it was obvious that they were there just for themselves. Considering that there were maybe 25-30 people in the entire theater, they kind of stood out.

I don’t think those men will ever be waiting for women. Especially since Troy in a wife beater shirt in one particular scene sent the foursome a twittering. Yeaaaaahhhhhh…

When the movie was over (which, before I move on, was quite cute – typical cheesy for that genre but a great movie for families), the Fella Foursome was right in front of us leaving the theater. I heard one of them remark, “I’ll have to tell Kenny what I thought of the movie” and then suddenly it all made sense.

Sure, the men were a little more Sally than Steve, but they were obviously friends/cohorts of Kenny Ortega who directed the movie (which was shot entirely in Utah). Got it. They came to see the movie to support their friend and provide feedback. Not because it has some cute hunky heart throb, lots of guys singing and dancing and sweating, or musical freshness galore. They knew Kenny.

But still, four grown men at HSM3? The double takes, they were a’flyin’…



  1. mirecle08 · October 30, 2008

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  2. Al · October 30, 2008

    Didn’t I tell you about how I sat behind a gaggle of happy* men at said movie? We are so alike.
    P.S. I think you have a new friend

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