Sand in my toes

Best feeling ever.

Nothing beats digging your toes into sand on a beautiful beach. I mentioned that I stayed in Del Mar whilst I was awaiting my turn for the Mud Run. I wandered down to Seagrove Park and took a turn about the beach where it was ever so beautiful. It was just the sort of beach you wish to find yourself on when strolling along aimlessly. {I’ve just watched this – thus the reason for my choice of words}

Strolling about the park, I witnessed two beach side weddings that were utter perfection. I watched from the side as each party {on two different sides of the park} gathered together, one under huge white canopies with golden paper lanterns, the other with stanchions of gauzy drapery laced with magnolias. Incredibly lovely. And after one of the parties concluded, a small plane circled overhead with the sign “Andy {heart} Ali – Happily Ever After!”

As I roamed along the beach, I found the most interesting black pebbles. Caden loves collecting rocks and anytime I go to a beach or someplace where I can find rocks, I bring him back a few.

Two little boys, probably 5 & 7, watched me picking up rocks here and there and followed me with serious curiousity plastered over all of their little faces.

“How come you’re picking up rocks?” asked the youngest, scratching his head.

“Because I love rocks. They’re pretty cool to collect, don’t you think?”

“I didn’t know that grownups could collect rocks,” declared the older boy.

“Of course we can! In fact, the best part about being a grownup and collecting rocks is that you know which ones are magic and which ones aren’t.”

Their eyes grew wide and the littlest one asked, “Really? Are you serious?”


Shortly after that the boys ran around the beach picking up more rocks than they could carry.

There’s something about the ocean that produces quite the calming effect. At least on me it does. The rhythmic movement of each wave. The criss-crossing pattern of the waves as they lap upon on the shore. I stood at the edge of the ocean, ankle-deep, feeling the pull of the tide for nearly an hour. Staring straight across the horizon, I watched the sun go down and never felt more at peace. I was one of only a handful of people still left on the beach when it was completely dark with just the sound of the ocean filling the space. I could have stayed there all night long.

Something about the ocean…


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  1. Susan · October 27, 2008

    Hey! not a single mention of The Guy lately. Did you guys call it quits?

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