Solana Beach – a day out for dogs

The hotel I stayed at in Del Mar was the Hilton San Diego/Del Mar. Very nice place that I really enjoyed except for one small item: they charge you for parking – $14 a day! I don’t get the whole “charge for parking” thing, nor the “charge for internet” issue either. It seems that the nicer the hotel, the more you pay for the extras (which seems so ridiculous and contradictory!).

My hotel was roughly 14 miles away from Camp Pendleton and right by the freeway so I knew I would have quick and easy access to getting there should I happen to sleep in. It was also just up a few blocks from Solana Beach, one of the many in California I had yet to visit.

After coming back from the race dog tired and ready for a good shower, I decided I needed to do a bit of exploring around the area before I was to head out. I jumped in my car and within just a couple of minutes I found myself at Solana Beach which I quickly learned was a dog friendly beach.

Lest you think this might deter someone from enjoying a sea side visit, I have to say that all the dog owners took very smart care of their four footed friends. I was nervous about it possibly being “dirty” but truthfully it wasn’t at all. And I love dogs. There were teeny tiny puppies that looked like they could fit into the jaws of the three Bull Mastiffs I saw. Four Golden Retrievers were frolicking in the surf. A pug sat contentedly on it’s owner’s lap. A Weimaraner nervously tried to free herself from her owner a couple of times. And I think I observed no less than 29 games of catch. All in all, it was quite an amusing time.

I wouldn’t suggest going to that beach to sit in the sand and just relax. It’s definitely a bustling place of activity and not quiet whatsoever. But it is pretty. So I enjoyed it for an hour before moving on down to Seagrove Park (OH. MY. GOSH. So beautiful!). I don’t know if I would go there again unless I had a dog but I enjoyed the scenery and doggies on parade.


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