Ummmm…where were his parents?

I just saw this story off of FoxNews and seriously couldn’t believe what I was reading. I think Australia may have some issues with their youth – their very young youth. A 7 year old boy broke into an Outback zoo and starting killing animals and feeding them to a crocodile. Yes. SEVEN YEARS OLD. CROCODILE. KILLING.

Um, what kind of security did they have at this loosely guarded zoo? Um, how was a little boy able to access all these animals so freely? Um, how come the crocodile didn’t eat him? (just kidding, just kidding) Um, did he escape from some pre-juvenile detention center somewhere and just begin running amuck? Um, where were his parents???

Waaaay creepy, if you ask me. He used a rock to kill beloved lizards (the story uses “beloved” – I frankly don’t see what could be so “beloved” about a reptile…but that’s just me) and then fed them to an 11 foot, 440 pound saltwater crocodile named Terry. Ewwwww. But I bet Terry was pleasantly surprised.

Apparently Terry also got some tasty live treats as well. In all, this little 7 year old boy killed 13 animals valued at $5,500. The zoo director called him “by all accounts, a nasty little boy”. Yes, I think so.The little lizard killer. What blows my mind is his age, his 30 minutes of unsupervised “activity”, and the fact that he THOUGHT of doing this. What in the world…man, kids these days.

Two words, parents of the devil-child: ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY. And serious, serious counseling. And I also might lock my bedroom door at night with that little lovely cherub around (and possibly padlock his room).

You can check out the story here and see a security camera pic of the mini felon. I see bars in his future – yes, many, many bars. At least this crazy story distracted me from reading about all the financial turmoil in our markets these days. Oh wait…


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