Ode to volleyball

Otherwise known as the outlet to my stress, the freedom from my work stains, and the fire on my mountain {um, er, something like that}

The gym is hot – 120 degrees in the ventilating pipes shade. The bodies crowding the gym do no good to cool the ever warming, falsely circulating air. No windows. Fluorescent lighting. The sound of referee whistles bursting forth in rapid spurts.

Three courts of women line up on opposite sides of the net. More specifically, a volleyball net set at 7’4″. Six women on this side, six women on that side. And sometimes one really ornery ref who doesn’t like to oversee games late into her Monday evening. She’s old. I’ll let that go.

Last night the sauna that is known as the Davis High gym was ensuring any salt intake we had during the day would be released in mighty rivers from our ever widening pores. But we can’t think about that now because the game starts.

We serve. Boom, Ace! We serve again. Boom, Ace again! We serve again, the volleyball is lobbed back our way, and we start to set it up. I back up. Please, please give me the set, give me the set. My arms are out, I watch for the sweet set, and here it comes. One, two, three-four go my steps, jump high, arm swings down and SMACK! Down goes the ball. Shoot, they got a good dig. Need to swing harder. Here it comes again.

Good pass, good pass. Come on, give me a good set, give me a good set. One, two, three-four and BAM! No digging that ball. 🙂

Gosh, I love playing volleyball.


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