Distract me from the noise

I don’t know if you are like me and you are obsessing over the constant barrage of information regarding our current economic situation {cue dum-dum-daaah music}, but I am seeking an escape. When things get to be too much and I need to let go, I start planning my next vacation just as a mental diversion for a little while. Truth be told, I don’t have a lot of time to take off and explore the world {silly things like kid and job excuses} so my virtual vacations just have to do. {{and my kid is not silly…neither is my job}} {{{I take those things very seriously}}} {{{{Seriously, I do}}}}

I love to find new resources or bits of information leading me into something I never would have thought to discover. I want to know what the best Mom & Pop Diner is in Nebraska should I ever go there. I want to know what cool, quirky museums exist in Belgium or off-road adventures take place in New Zealand. Hearing about some place like the Key Lime Pie Salon & Spa in Georgia gets me all excited. I don’t know when in my life I will be able to do and/or experience all the things I would like to, but just reading about it kind of takes me there.

One of my favorite resources for discovering cool digs or happening events is Things You Should Do. This site has oodles and scads of intriguing and somewhat strange information categorized by state. I don’t think it’s been up very long because Utah only has 7 items next to it. Um, ‘scuse me, but I can think of 37 things off the top of my head that you could add to that list. Maybe I’ll become a contributing editor…anyhoo, it’s a lot of fun to look through {remember the Key Lime Pie Salon & Spa above? A suggestion from this site}.

Just a little FYI to help you cope with bailout worries. Forget all the political blah-blah-blah that is taking place right now. Escape someplace fun with me!


One comment

  1. Susan · September 30, 2008

    We have a lot of yard work to do, if you want something to distract you. You are welcome to bring your tools and go to town any day! Putting a sprinkler system in and then grass takes too long!! We need to get together again! It has been a while.

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