Leaves falling = Favorite shopping season

Seriously, autumn could just not get any cooler {and I don’t mean that from a temperature perspective}. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fall because my favorite styles come out and I get to layer and wear cute, chunky sweaters or silky soft slimming wraps. It’s the best time to buy two things I love to wear most: a darn good pair of jeans and the aforementioned sweater.

I got these jeans for my birthday recently. You should run and buy some because they make everything on your body look good.

I also picked up a new sweater during Macy’s Day of Caring this past Saturday. If you donated $5, you received an all day shopping pass for 20% off almost anything in the store. Even those designer jeans {but I congratulated myself on not giving in – however, if it had been 40%…}.


And just because I couldn’t pass these by, I added a little dark silver to the mix.

Thank you, fall fashion, for beautiful things {and for birthday $$ that comes right in the nick of time}.


One comment

  1. Amy · September 26, 2008

    I’m 5’3″ and I’m thinking they would make me shrink, LOL…However I bet they are rockin on you! Have a good one!

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