Act I: Try to act interest in hopes the acting will turn into actual interest

Or, in other words, How to Learn to Like (Tolerate) Baseball Because Your Boyfriend’s Life Nearly Revolves Around It.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been practicing over the past 6 months of my life – learning to tolerate and then actually like baseball. I’ve always enjoyed going to baseball games but watching it on TV was akin to watching dust settle on my blinds. So thrilling. Innings without any action at all. Fat athletes that are grossly overpaid {if you are being paid $30 million over 5 years, can you not afford a trainer to keep you a bit fit instead of becoming a ball player with a gut hanging out over your belt? Puh-lease}.

The Guy loves the Chicago Cubs. Wait, I didn’t say that exactly right. He ADORES/WORSHIPS/RELISHES the Cubbies and has since 1984 {he reminds me of this little fact all the time}. I’m used to being around a baseball fanatic because one of my best friends, Ryan, whom I work with is a huge Cubs fan and we’ve known each other for nearly a decade. All I’ve heard for years is the sob story of a Cubbies fan. I get the angst they feel over a team that hasn’t won the World Series since 1908. The Guy has started to draw me into the angst and when he told me it had been 100 years since they last won the World Series, I made the observation, “Well, then this is definitely their year. Time to break a 100 year old drought.”

Unbeknownst to me, I have come to find out over the past few months of talking about the Cubs with The Guy that I am something of a baseball savant. I have correctly predicted almost all of the games The Guy would question me about and even came down to calling out plays.

“They’re losing, Angie! They’re down by 2 runs! And it’s the bottom of the 8th. What are we going to do?!?”

“No worries, The Guy! I bet the next batter up is going to hit a double and the guy after him will homer it out of the park.”

And thus Angie said it and thus it was done.

Seriously, that has happened so many times. I told him it was okay that the Cubs went through a slump in July and that they would probably have another one late August and early September. But then I said they would start to come back so that they would hit their performance stride when it mattered most: October. And here they are, National League Division Champions. Man, I totally rock. 🙂

I couldn’t promise him for sure that the Cubs would win the World Series {hey, I may be a savant but I’m no psychic}, just that this was their year. And along the way I’ve come to recognize players names so that instead of saying What’s-his-face or Whose-His-Bucket. Come October, I will actually be cheering on Soto, Soriano, Zambrano, Theriot, Fukudome, Lee, and so many more (I can’t believe I remembered that many names!). GO CUBS!!!



  1. Amy · September 23, 2008

    HAHAHA I’m so sorry about the baseball thing. I give my deepest sympathy at having to watch the most boring sport (other than golf or bowling) in the world. And to watch in on TV is worse! Maybe you should have him Tivo the games, they would be way more interesting in fast forward!

  2. Dave · October 4, 2008

    Cubs, one World Series in the last 100 years…Cardinals, one World Series in the last three years. Cubs get swept, no World Series. Go Cards.

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