899 things to say

Oh man, oh man, what a week. You know I’ve been busy when it takes me an entire week to post something else on this little diddy I like to call a blog.

My life over the past week consisted of a major work project that garnered some much needed kudos (’bout time after all the hell it really put me through), taking Caden from soccer to football to soccer to football again and again, no dating at all (busy lives have a hard time finding time to intertwine…especially when they reside almost 80 miles apart),  and ensuring my home is in tip-top shape for an open house (held last Saturday). I am so TIRED.

Last week, I remember several occasions of being at work or sitting at practices and just thinking, ‘Gosh, how I would love to just go to sleep right now’. Sleep – what a beautiful thing. I would love to spend an entire week being lazy in some hotel on a beach (the Marriott I stayed at in San Juan comes to  mind) just sleeping, reading, and occasionally eating. Just me. No kid. No work. No The Guy. No commute. No noise. Just moi. Heck, forget the week, I’d take three days! (call me selfish but that’s where I’m at these days)

Even though I haven’t posted in a week, I’ve seriously had 899 things I could have shared on my blog because my head has been filled to the brim with thoughts about life, dating, work, kids, school, sports, and whatnot. It’s funny how you almost start to categorize your thoughts when you are keeping up one little online journal that you somehow find appropriate to share with the world…or the 6.5 people who care to read it. When I observe life occurrences or hilarious happenstances, I tend to think, “Maybe I will blog about that.” And let’s see, how many times did I think that over this past week? Oh yeah…899 times. But who’s counting.

I thought about blogging regarding a lunch date I was on with Caden Saturday afternoon after his football game. We went down to Tucanos Brazilian Grill down at The Gateway for a little salad, meat, and rolls. Next to our little twosome was a birthday party comprised of about 10 adults. This is how their meal went down:

  • The woman who was celebrating her birthday went head over heels and face-planted into her birthday cake; she did this as she was trying to stand up as the servers came to court her with the rousing bongo-drum-banging Brazilian version of Happy Birthday. Sad. All that wasted frosting.
  • Another lady party-goer clearly enjoyed being the “storyteller” of the group and proceeded to share her one pregnancy story (VERY LOUDLY) that happened so long ago I don’t believe dinosaurs had yet left the earth. Um, excuse me, but the LAST thing I want to hear about when trying to eat tasty tidbits of meat is just how very painful and needful it was to strip your membranes in order to push your nearly 11 lb child into this world. I think I will become a vegetarian.
  • The youngest gentleman (who was probably 48) got into a heated discussion on the when/how/why to breed dogs when they are in heat. I will never look at female dogs again in the same light.
  • At least two of the couples were quite the May-December romances. For one couple, it was more like May 1910-December 1980 romance. Seriously, YUCK. Caden couldn’t help but notice that and asked, “Is that her grandpa?” “It sure should be, buddy, it sure should be.”

Yes, good times, good times. I don’t know if my appetite will ever return to go eat at that restaurant sometime in the next 10 years, but we’ll see.

So there you have it. One thing I thought to blog about and I actually posted it. One down, 898 left to go.


One comment

  1. Amanda · September 17, 2008

    Oh, I’ve stayed in that Marriott – let’s get a room with two double beds and bring nothing but swimsuits and flip-flops! I just posted today about being tired (actually, it was about being sweaty, but you get my drift) and I so need to disappear and so can’t, ever. I hear you. Congrats on work done well – go buy yourself something pretty.

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