Third grade

(The reason for the stone-faced child in this pic? I made him go over there to take it saying, “I need a good shot for my blog”. That did it – no smiling for him. Stomp, stomp, stomp – “Just take it already, Mom!” Ah, such an obedient, loving, happy child…)

I remember starting third grade. I was so excited because it meant I wasn’t quite a member of the “baby” group at my elementary school; I was now officially a Big Kid. And I had the best teacher, too – Miss Hinton. She was one of my all time favorite elementary teachers next to Mrs. Schneider who encouraged me to read read read all the time, and Mrs. Eden who on every report card I brought home would write that I was a “jewel”. Yeah, she liked me. 🙂 I guess I could also say I kind of liked my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Lundquist, but only because she was a bit of a nutso. She provided a bit of comical relief and those of you who had her know what I mean…(the Pit bell she used to ring, make us stand up whenever we were noisy).

Today Caden started third grade and is now in the “Big Kid Hallway” at school. He didn’t really need me there and just marched on into his classroom (side note: his classroom is the exact same classroom I had for second grade – how cool is that?) ready to learn with the “thank you for being my chauffeur and taking me to school, Mom” attitude. He met his new teacher who is really nice but holy cow, she is young (umm, I didn’t realize I was actually aging and getting old – she looked like she was 12; I felt like I should have asked for her teaching credentials or something). His desk was all set up and ready to go with so many supplies I kept thinking, “What in the heck did I go buy supplies for? Maybe I can return those items to Office Max…”.

All in all, he was completely stoked about going back to school. At this age I guess they don’t realize how fast summers fly by and that before you know it you are in college and then  working a real job and suddenly there are no more free summers ever. But he was excited to get back into the swing of things and spend time with friends he hadn’t seen all summer long. And of course to finally be able to wear his new Nike’s. Because school at this age is all about the new digs and old (and new) friends.


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  1. Susan · August 27, 2008

    Ahhh! Good old Boulton Elementary! Do you remember how they changed their mascot almost every year? Do they still do that? I had a hard time remembering my teachers names. Most of my childhood is for some reason blocked!?!

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