I never said I liked spandex

Went out for an evening ride tonight. So amazingly beautiful. Sunset – brilliant. Weather – perfect. Neighbors – opinionated.

“Hey, Angie! Where’s your tight shorts? Don’t bikers prefer spandex?”

“I’m not a biker yet! Just testing the waters, bucko…And I wouldn’t want to blow your mind with my awesomeness.”

(Seriously the exchange I had with my neighbor who has a mouth as large as the Grand Canyon. Still a great ride though; I am loving my bike more and more! Translation: I am crashing less and less)


One comment

  1. Susan · August 29, 2008

    I just said to Ralph this afternoon as an obviously new biker rode by in spandex that just because you got the bike, it doesn’t mean that you need the spandex!

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