The best care and quality – Wilsons Paint and Flooring

I can breathe a little easier right now. About one hour ago I was panicking and in a state of frustration when the carpet cleaning guy I had hired to come and re-stretch a portion of my carpet and clean it, called to say, Oops, we don’t re-stretch carpet anymore. Excuse me, what?!? Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place when I hired you?!? And why would you tell me that exactly 5 minutes before you are supposed to BE AT MY HOME. Everything was ready, moved out of the way, just needing to be fixed up and cleaned. Instead, zippo. Zilch. NADA.

I’m having an open house tomorrow, for you see, I am selling my home. I would like to move closer to work so that I don’t spend $700 a month in gas (if you think I’m kidding about that number…). This open house is a big deal. I want my home to shine and I had one little problem area I needed re-stretched and I wanted my carpets professionally cleaned. I called a company advertised in the yellow pages as being able to “re-stretch and clean”. FALSE advertising.

Once that company called to cancel, I started flipping through the phone book as fast as I could, calling three different companies before I found a guy who referred me to Wilsons Quality Paint and Flooring in Kaysville. I called, talked to Matt, explained my anxious state and worry and he said, “No problem, I will find somebody to come over and help you right away.”

Right away. Not tomorrow, or in a few hours, or next week – right away. Literally, within 20 minutes, Javier and Cisco were at my front door with equipment in hand. And they were extremely friendly. And oh so nice. And incredibly quick. And such great people I practically wanted to hug them every 5 minutes. Javier, you saved me!

So I can’t promote enough WILSONS QUALITY PAINT AND FLOORING in Kaysville. They are AWESOME!!!! Now someone just buy my home…


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