Dem’s my boys

I had to stay up late to watch this finish. I can’t get enough of Olympic competition, the comeback stories, the heart and soul that is worn proudly on the sleeves of so many athletes. These guys? They were AWESOME!


I was literally jumping off my couch, screaming encouragement during every move, and clapping so loud I’m sure neighbors wondered what guy I had over to my house this time (I jest! I JEST!). But in all seriousness, that was incredible performance by a group of guys who nobody expected to do anything much. Every perfect performance, every stuck landing, every huge smile that spread across their faces gave me chills. THAT is a great Olympic moment.

Besides the men’s gymnastics team, I dug all the swimming medals that we tacked on to our medal count. And anytime I can watch Michael Phelps swim…wow. And I mean WOW. I just love counting the muscles shown on his body…

(I saw this pic on Gigi’s blog but you can buy it as a poster; just FYI)


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