Beautiful things

At some point in the next couple of months, I hope to open my own little etsy shop with my own tiny creations (with all my available free time – ha!). But until I reach that point where I feel I have enough inventory to sell (and it could be awhile), I am enjoying the whimsical art of others.

L'envol des Libellules - Print

I love Anne Julie’s work because her pieces feature a sweet dark-haired girl with an angelic face. She, like so many others I’ve come to like, creates digital illustrations so that the tone and coloring of her pictures is rich and subtly atmospheric.

sometimes -  8x0 FINE ART PRINT by Mixed Media Artist Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly Rae does a lot of mixed media artwork that reminds me of a couple of classes I took with Paul Davis, one of my favorite instructors up at the U of U. The layering, the shapes, the subject – mmm, all my favorite.

Paul Davis by paulferney.

Speaking of Paul Davis, this is one of my favorite paintings of his. Gosh, I would love to take another class from him! He teaches workshops down in Helper, Utah and maybe next summer I can work on taking a week off to have him teach me again…


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  1. Mary · August 8, 2008

    Is your blog brand new? I didn’t see any archives. Good luck with your site!

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