From part to part


I love this picture. I love that it’s not completely in focus, it looks like a scene swirling with motion and emotion. I love that it’s with one of my favorite people in the world, my cousin April. I love that whenever we see each other, we have a million things to talk about and we love spending time just chatting away. I love that I grew up being so close to her and my other cousins. The other thing I love about it is that it looks like we’re caught in the middle of telling each other a great joke. You can tell we like each other, we’re having a great time, and boy, don’t you wish you could be in on the conversation too?

I just had to post this pic because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about people that mean something to me. I’m talking really mean something – as in, “So-glad-I-know-you-get-to-talk-to-you-be-your-best-friend-always-stay-in-touch” type of implication. Maybe it’s perhaps that I’ve spent this summer being close to just one person vs. spending more time with a variety of people. The past two summers I spent a lot of time going to parties, socializing at Lake Powell, datingdatingdating, and being a little more free and easy with my schedule. Not so much this summer.

There are many great and wonderful things to having someone to share your time and life with. I haven’t had a boyfriend (well, longer than a couple of months, anyway) for quite some time so spending the last 8 months with just one guy – The Guy – has been an interesting turn of events. I enjoy so much of what we do together. I relish our conversations, our ability to talk, be silly, debate, and just have fun one on one. But lately I have been missing the “glitz and glamour” (hahahaha) of single-girl-party-life that I had for a wee bit. I was always getting texts to “Come to J’s house @ 10; bring C&D (chips and dip)” or “My band’s up in PC (Park City); come up!” or “Wakeboarding – 7 a.m.; $20 for gas”. Sigh…it was exciting to be doing so much with so many. Yet it was extremely exhausting. There was a party every other weekend and most of these people just seemed to want to stay single forever; no responsibility, no hindrances, no cramp in their freedom. I was looking for something more.

So even though I have moments of wishful thinking or fond memories of what once was, I don’t regret or miss too often the busy days of yore. But a party or GNO here and there would be just so nice…

(April – have you rescheduled that party yet? 🙂 )


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