George the monkey

No, I am not talking about Curious George, the cute furry mammal frequently caught in awkward situations from which there ensued a moral of some type. I am referring to the other infamous George, a man of little talent and stout stature.

Do you remember the episode where he wanted to be known by a cool new moniker, T-Bone? Only his antics and complaints over not being called T-Bone gave him the designation of Koko the Monkey Boy? The Guy is nothing like George but he has this habit of nicknaming every single person he meets in some fashion or another. Well, maybe not every person, but at least those that are close to him. It’s his special way of showing he cares, I guess.

When I first met The Guy and he would refer to his friends that he talked to or his family, I started to think he must have a million different people in his little world. And the reason for this is because he would refer to them sometimes using their actual names and then at other times with his lovable nicknames. Such as his friend Curtis. Curtis has another name: Redhead Gingerbread. Guess what color his hair is? But The Guy would sometimes say, “I talked to Curtis today…” “I was on the phone with Gingerbread” or even “Redhead Gingerbread left a message” and in my mind I was wondering, “Are these all the same person? Or three different people?”

There’s also Biggs a.k.a. Bryce who thinks he’s the greatest and headed for the “Big Show” or “Big Time” so The Guy dubbed him Biggs. Chumly (Kelly) is about the coolest guy you could ever know but he’s charmingly a little slow. The way The Guy treats and takes care of Chum has always made me tear up. Guys, in general, don’t like to be known as “sensitive” preferring the more manly “macho” designation, but I’m telling you that one of the reasons why I came to love The Guy so much is because of how he treats dear old Chum. It has been a great source of amusement for his friends (and me) to tease him over the fact that Chumly got married before poor The Guy (if you only knew how truly funny that is…).

Once I realized who all these people were and what specific names The Guy had bestowed upon them, it became so much easier to follow his conversations. And I realized he really didn’t have any friends at all…they were all in his poor, little head. NO! Just kidding, he has something like 14 best friends from high school that he talks to ALL the time. It’s amazing how close they are. Giving his friends (and family) special nicknames is just one way that makes it easy for The Guy to show how much he loves and cares about them without having to actually say it (the “sensitive” issue again).

The question, I’m sure you three people are dying to know, is what special nickname has he given me? Well, truth be told he hasn’t really settled on one. He plays around with a few but the one that seems to stick the most is actually one I told him that my Grandpa Taylor would call me: Angel-A. I prefer that to some of the others he uses like Amazon Woman, Tall Drink of Water, Girl Who Takes My Money, Woman… 🙂 (I joke, I joke)

I said all of that to say just this: love-love-LOVE the people who give you nicknames*


*affectionate nicknames; I mean, Beelzebub is not a name that would endear me to you forever…


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