Unpredictable Inferno

That is The Guy’s backyard. Well, practically. He called me up around 10 last night to tell me that he had to go help our friends Michelle and Bryce evacuate their home in Payson. As he was talking to me, I could hear in the background the fire engine coming down M&B’s street announcing that homeowners need to evacuate NOW. Scary, scary stuff and I’m hoping all turned out okay for them this morning.

The Guy was up late talking to me about how the fire seemed to explode in new areas until 11:30 p.m. As he’s telling me this, he was looking out his back window and watching the orange glow illuminate the sky. Many friends of his were told to evacuate and the flames were literally licking at their front doors. Besides the fire attracting police and fire fighters from all around Utah County, Payson is also filled with campers and participants for the Salmon Supper, an annual salmon fry that happens in the downtown park. The Guy was overwhelmed by how many people were down around his little city and said that the population was surely 5x what it normally was. Crazy.


One comment

  1. amanda · August 4, 2008

    I’m so sorry for The Guy; what a beast Mother Nature can be. I feel for those who are victims of fire because they must feel so powerless. Good luck, Guy.

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