Maybe a gift to myself

In case I haven’t made it abundantly clear here and there in my random musings, I am stating this now: I am a lover of fine arts. I love going to museums, art galleries, artist studios, what have you. I. Love. It. All.

Recently, down at the Bellagio in Vegas, I fell in love with this piece:

It’s hard to express what this drawing does for me. It’s beautiful, it’s simple, and I love the movement. The Guy wasn’t incredibly impressed, but truthfully, I could understand his reaction. It’s probably difficult for those that perhaps haven’t sat down to draw with charcoal or conte crayons to understand how difficult it can be to find fluidity form in several small strokes on a page. I look at this and go, “Wow…that’s beautiful.” The Guy looks at it and goes, “Hmmm…it’s not finished. Where’s the rest of it?”

No matter, I love it still. Check out more of Richard MacDonald’s work here.


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