And then we went back

I feel like I’ve sort of been on vacation for the past couple of weeks. I mentioned going up to the family cabin (nice respite), and then there was the July 24th holiday (Utah only), and just this past weekend, The Guy surprised me with another trip down to Vegas. Now, I don’t know if you recall that I said I would rather be dead than visit Vegas, the seventh circle of Hell, in July. I was just there with The Guy 5 weeks ago and the heat brought on a terrific migraine for me. So when he calls me up at work a week ago and asks, “Can you take off work next Monday?” “Why?” “Because I’m taking you to Vegas again” – well, I started to worry just slightly about the heat. But of course I said YES, I’ll GO!

To tell the truth, it wasn’t that bad. It was actually cooler on Saturday and Sunday than it was back in June (Monday was a different story altogether). I ended up being able to run outside no problem…just really, really early so that the heat that gets baked into the black asphalt didn’t melt my eyeballs out. I’ll say this for running in Vegas: you will never get lost. Why? Because you’ll sweat so much that you’ll leave a nice trail for someone else to follow.

We walked and walked and walked which is what you do in Vegas when you go up and down the Strip. You go in one hotel, explore, and then walk through to the next, passing all sorts of interestingly dressed folks, and so on and so forth. We ended up seeing Phantom, the Spectacular at the Venetian and The Guy was very impressed with their staging and effects. I’ve seen Phantom several times and this was another great production. It’s been shortened about 30 minutes or so to accomodate more shows (cha-ching!) so thus the name change. But the drama, the singing, the love story – bueno. All very, very good.

We also happened to catch a show of Carrot Top’s, a show I have never really wanted to see and that The Guy was very excited about. I have to say that I went in with great skepticism; I’d seen him on late night talk shows and I found him to be a little funny but more often than not completely annoying. In person? That guy is FUNNY. And smart. He was a little crass a couple of times but for the most part, we were both laughing so hard we were crying! One little tip on the tickets: we ended up getting ours for both shows at the Tix4Tonight booth down by the MGM Grand and paid 1/2 price for both shows. WORTH the effort to get down there and get in line. DO IT.

This most recent Vegas trip was so much more enjoyable and relaxing than the last. Neither of us are gamblers but we enjoy the shows, the variety, the endless food (buffet after buffet after buffet – ahem, why I went running every darn day), and the shopping. I have to say I was impressed that The Guy was a willing party to come in some stores that I know he wouldn’t be caught dead in normally. Especially since I handed him my purse several times, had him hold shoes for me, skirts for me, accessories of all types for me, bras for me (just joking, Mom!), and really didn’t complain (too loudly). Kudos to men with patience for women who shop.

For those looking to get a good deal away from the Strip, I suggest where we stayed: South Point Hotel. It’s 5 miles south of Mandalay Bay and such a nice place away from the major hustle and bustle. They had just completed a new tower and lucky us! we both got rooms in the tower that HAD NEVER BEEN SLEPT IN BEFORE. There was even this nice little welcome letter saying, “Welcome! You are the first guests to occupy this room…” Do you know what that means? NEW furniture, NEW flat screen TV mounted to the wall, NEW towels, NEW bathroom, NEW bed, and best of all BRAND SPANKING NEW sheets!! That is something I may never experience again – and it was wonderful. 🙂

The Guy and I really did enjoy ourselves quite a bit. We did have a brief conversation about a particular something that should hint at what we’ve been discussing lately…A LOT:

The Guy: How come a guy’s wedding ring is so much cheaper than a woman’s? Why can’t they be equal in price?

Moi: Do you want some big, ginormous rock sitting on your finger?

The Guy: No! Of course not. I just think…hey, wait a minute-what do you mean by some ‘big, ginormous rock’? What are you thinking here?

Moi: I’m not thinking anything, just playfully suggesting…

The Guy: A-huh. I’m just saying that a guy should spend the same amount for a ring that the girl does.

Moi: Look, I didn’t make up the rules regarding rings and costs and sizes and such. I just follow them. And it seems to dictate that the girl gets the rock while the guy gets the band. Now, if you’d prefer some godfather-type of ring for yourself, well…

The Guy (exasperated): Oh for heavens sake, no. Geez, it just seems that women get all the breaks…

And THAT little comment started up another fun debate. Regardless of our gender role debates (oh, the disparities that we both observe!), I still had a good time in Vegas. As much as The Guy loves Vegas, I’m thinking we’ll be there again sometime soon…

(We did take a few pictures this time – on HIS camera…I’ll see if he’ll let me swipe them back)


One comment

  1. Katie · July 29, 2008

    so was that last part a hint or something?? like going back to Vegas for a wedding? And what he should be saying is, “wow Angie, if I could afford it, I would buy you whatever ring in the world you want!”….sorry, I’m not impressed. And p.s. I think the deadline for coming to the house when the kitchen is done won’t come before another important event called Caden’s baptism!

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