Sweet escape

For the past 5 days, I’ve been enjoying the annual getaway at my family’s cabin up in Island Park, Idaho. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth – in my humble opinion. You really feel like you get away from the hustle and bustle of “city life” and just get out and enjoy God’s green earth. I’ve been going up there ever since I was born and we still find new things to do, new activities to try that keep it fun and exciting.

This year, we happened to try a midnight float down Big Springs. The float down the river is one of my favorite things to do because you typically encounter a lot of wildlife and have a pretty good opportunity for fishing in some deep holes. It takes roughly 2 hours to float from the drop off point to our cabin which is just long enough to enjoy without making you go crazy. Floating at night is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying; you do not know what could be around the bend in the mist. Especially when a grizzly bear was spotted in certain areas a couple of days prior, there is a large bull moose wandering the land, and who knows what else. The mist was especially freaky and gave quite a chill. Those on the float were me, Caden, Ben, Natalie, Katie, Allison, and the parentals. We had three rafts hooked together with Ben/Me/Caden leading up front. Yeah, let’s just say that the other rafts thought it would be a nice leisurely ride while WE paddled the entire time. We got them back, however. When we happened around a bend and I saw a moose on the edge eating away, I whispered to Ben, “There’s a moose! Tell the others to be quiet!” (there was constant singing) As we got closer to the animal – which was HUGE – Ben took his paddle, pushed my sisters raft towards the moose and said, “Here, go feed IT!” The screaming and hilarity that ensued made me laugh so hard I cried. The poor moose may be scarred for life however…

Besides our family enjoying the cabin time up there, it was also our Taylor Family Reunion with my mother’s sibs. Some of these cousins I haven’t seen FOREVER and clearly they are all drinking some growth juice that makes them as tall as giants. With my height of 5’10”, I felt like a shrimp…or at least on par with most of them. We enjoyed rafting together, attending the Playmill for See How They Run (hilarity at it’s finest, folks), lovely jaunt through Yellowstone Park, swimming at Buttermilk Reservoir, golfing, dinners together, and other small group activities. I love those people.

Besides all the flurry of activity, I also had the opportunity to do the one thing I was most looking forward to: REST. The project I had been involved with at work launched the day before I left and the 18 hour days I worked up to that point had completely worn me out. I needed serious R&R. I ended up resting (I would say sleep but that’s a hard thing to do with 3 nieces and 1 nephew who don’t sleep), reading a whole bunch (what a luxury!), and decompressing completely from the stress that I had experienced. It was a much needed and well timed break! And now it’s back to the grindstone.



  1. Susan · July 22, 2008

    It is beautiful up there! I love that area. I do know what you mean about the difference between sleep and resting. We were at our cabin for a week and there wasn’t a lot of sleeping going on, but it was relaxing to be there! Lets do lunch soon!

  2. Leslie T. Pessetto · July 22, 2008

    Dear Angel A,
    It was so wonderful to be with you and all of the family, it went way too fast! I appreciate the excellent job that you do on your blog, it is the main source of family info and communication for me :).
    I have been away from home for a month so I haven’t been on the computer. Thank you for the great blog with pictures of Amy’s shower. And thank you and your mom and sisters for giving it.
    Come and see us in Anchorage anytime!
    You are a beautiful, wonderful, young woman!We love you and wish you the very best!
    Love, Leslie

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