A day of festivities

I’m behind in keeping up with my pictures and whatnot from the celebration of the Fourth, but at least I did eventually get around to it. 🙂 I started out my celebration by running 7 miles in somewhat high heat, but still not too terrible at 7 in the morning. I came back to wake up Caden and make our own Chuckwagon breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and OJ. For some reason, the Fourth is always aligned with Chuckwagon breakfasts! Is this what our forefathers ate and so it has become a tradition? Perhaps it’s just a Utah thing…

By 11 a.m., Caden and I had headed over by Davis High to enjoy the Kaysville Parade and it was a great hometown display. The F16 fighter jets flew overhead and the parade was kicked off with several military vehicles housing veterans from each branch of the military. The entire parade route clapped and stood up for them as they passed by. I must admit it brought a tear to my eye.

The day ended at Ben and Hilary’s house where we did what just about every other red-blooded American does on the Fourth: BBQ! One of Ben’s neighbors created this game with golf balls on a string that you fling at three bars to get it to wrap around and earn points. I came up the name of “golf-fling”. I think it works, don’t you? Once it got dark, we all settled down on the curb and driveway to light up the night with fireworks. I also had the opportunity to watch the Kaysville fireworks from my home as well as the Lagoon fireworks. My front porch has a great vantage point from which to enjoy all sorts of night-time festivities. All in all, it was a fantastic celebration.




  1. Natalie · July 15, 2008

    I am lovin’ these pictures–especially, of course, the adorable one of Annie! That shot of Caden with the firework is awesome too. You have something with this photography thing, you know. Oh, and bonus: I don’t think you’d schedule many shoots at 1:15 in the morning. 🙂

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