A Girls Night Out with Tim McGraw

The Guy’s dad was kind enough to buy all the girls in The Guy’s family tickets to Tim McGraw. Apparently, Tim kind of gets the ladies all hot and bothered so guys typically don’t want to be around. Just ask my brother, Ben. Hilary, along with her converted sidekick Allison, loves Tim McGraw. And I mean loves – to the point where her salivary glands can’t keep up production fast enough.

I met up with Karen (The Guy’s stepmom), Stacey (sister), Amy (sister), Tara (sister), Trista (friend of sister), Melissa (sister), Shane (brother) and his wife, Angie. We all jumped into Karen’s Expedition and headed over early to get a great seat on the lawn. Since we had some time to kill (and sweltering heat to avoid), we played cards, ate smuggled in candy, and teased Shane about coming out with us on Girls Night Out. And we also drank expensive water. I just love how I pay almost $4 for a bottle of water that comes from a package of 24 selling for $4 at the grocery store. And to top it all off, what is this ridiculous rule about taking the cap off of bottled drinks? So now not only do I have to shell out four times what the water is worth, I have to guard it with my life so as not to spill a precious, pricey drop because I’m not “adult enough” to handle keeping a lid on my drink. Thanks, drunk people. ‘Preciate ya taking away the convenience of lids. Sheesh. Anyway, Hilary and Allison asked me to save them a bit o’ space on the lawn, too, and I did because I sure didn’t want to miss seeing Hilary going crazy over T McG.

(Shane, Angie, Tara, Karen, Stacey, Amy, Moi, Melissa, Trista)

All of us girls – 10 in total – got a kick out of people watching during the cowboy love fest. Girls in teeny, tiny shorts, men in sleeveless shirts, old ladies with fake boobs galore, and many more entertaining side acts to follow. Such as the three girls next to us that were dirty dancing away in tiny shorts that exposed too much of their not-so-hot bodies. All that was missing was the pole. Then there were the naked cowboys. Well, okay, so they weren’t entirely naked – they had shirts on. 🙂 Just joking! The shirts were off, the pants were on. But like most people who wandered aimlessly around at the concert, they were quite inebriated.

Then there was F Girl. She was a girl who liked to use a particular word that starts with F. In fact, I think her entire vocabulary consisted of maybe 25 words because it’s hard to really express yourself when every other word you use is F. And it seriously annoyed all the people around her. She finally got tired of the subtle and not so subtle harassment of other concert goers telling her to “shut her big, fat trap”. She grabbed her blanket, promptly shared a few more F’s with the crowd and said “I’m out of here.” You should’ve heard the applause and cheering.

Halfway to Hazard and Jason Aldean opened the concert and they did a pretty decent job. I couldn’t tell you a single song they sang as I had no idea who they were being that I’m not a huge country fan. I do know a few Tim songs and when offered a free concert, I am never one to refuse. Once Tim took the stage, well, I was hooked. He is an incredible performer and knows how to play to the crowd. Although I’m not as smitten as say my sister-in-law or youngest sis are with him, I did really enjoy his ability to entertain…and that sleeveless shirt. Hmmm…so nice.

(Moi, Hilary, Allison)


One comment

  1. amanda · July 1, 2008

    I saw Tim and Faith last year at the Delta center, and let me say, that man has moves that about made my knees buckle! Those tight jeans! Those sleeveless shirts! That cowboy hat! AAAAH! I think he is the definition of hot; he’s even hotter when you remember that last week he grabbed a drunk guy from the crowd and roughed him up a little because the guy was being too rough with his lady friend. Now that, ladies and gentleman, is my kind of man.

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