The Interview, Part II

It’s been awhile since I posted my first “interview” with The Guy and I figured the questions surrounding “where we’re going” have only increased in number since that time. Just so you know, The Guy does know I have a blog, and I think he reads it from time to time.

Moi: So I’m just curious – are you fabulously entertained by my random musings on my blog? Or does it make you scratch your head and wonder, ‘Hmmmm, do I really want to be dating this girl?’

The Guy: You know I get a kick out of your blog. I’m always amazed at the way your mind works.

Moi: Meaning…?

The Guy: Your mind never stops! It’s always going, going, going. If I had to think of something to write on a blog every day, I think I’d go crazy. But for you it’s always think, think, think. I can always tell when you’re thinking about a lot of things or something is really on your mind because you tap your lips with your two fingers.

Moi: No, I don’t.

The Guy: Oh yes, you do. But it’s cute. It’s uniquely Angie.

Moi: Yeah, well, enough about me. Let’s talk more about you. I share enough about the inner workings of my mind on this craziness I call a blog so I’m sure people would be more interested in what you have to say.

The Guy: I don’t like talking about myself. You know that. I’m a very private guy.

Moi: Hmph. Get over it. The three people who read this blog and my family are very interested to know more about you. Mainly why you won’t come to Sunday dinner. Of course, you do remember that you promised to come when my parents’ kitchen remodel was complete. I know you thought you were safe in promising that because it’s been a remodel that has taken three years, eight months, fourteen days, six hours and 52 minutes to complete. But I’m telling you, I hear the cabinets are actually ready. That’s the closest thing I’ve seen to miracle in a long time. And it puts you on the hook.

The Guy: Yeah, I have to admit I thought I was being pretty sneaky promising to come to dinner when the kitchen was done. I thought for sure I’d have until Christmas at least!

Moi: Nope. I think July is looking pretty darn good right now.

The Guy: Well, I guess that Sunday dinner is imminent, then.

Moi: Right-o. Back to more about you…tell everyone three things about you that they wouldn’t know. Or that you’d feel comfortable sharing.

The Guy (grinning like a Cheshire cat): Three things…okay. You mean besides how great I am and that you find me irresistible and I have the overwhelming desire to make you into a faster runner?

Moi (glaring): NO. Definitely not MADE UP information. Try something a bit more real.

The Guy: Well, three things that I like or best describe me…hmmm…I’m a neat freak. You know how I like to keep things organized and clean. Mess just drives me crazy. I’m a huge Cubs fan. I get so caught up in the games that I really like to watch them alone. It’s intense for me, it really is. And probably the last thing would be that I love to ride my bikes. Especially my mountain bike down Payson Canyon. It’s down and dirty stuff, let me tell you.

Moi: Which is why you don’t want me to come – it’s Guy Time, right?

The Guy: Well, if I thought you could handle it…

Moi: Watch it, bub. You’re treading on thin ice, here.

The Guy: Maybe you could handle it, but I’d rather just keep it a Guy Thing…if you don’t mind. Sometimes a guy just needs to get away and be alone, you know? It’s tough to be a guy.

Moi (arms crossed, fixed glare): Oh really? I had NO idea that being a guy was so strenuous on you men. I mean, you do have the babies. Oh wait, no, that’s women. It must be the huge hormonal shifts you have to deal with that is so hard. Oh, just kidding, that’s women too. Maybe it’s the pressure to be thin, to be a perfect wife, a good mother, make fabulous meals, volunteer at your child’s school, visit with the neighbors, feed the sick, clothe the naked…okay, I’m getting a little carried away – but you get my point, right?

The Guy (laughing and offering up a big hug): That’s why I adore you. You never let my jabs go by you; you just have to say something! It’s why I enjoy talking to you so much. And because you are so animated when speaking; you make the funniest faces that I just love.

Moi: Well, I guess I’ll keep you around a bit longer then. As long as we both find each other amusing, why ruin a good thing?


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