Summer reads? Try these

Summer Take-along Tomes, Set Of 8

In my community, we have a clubhouse and pool that becomes a favorite hangout during the warm summer months (that is, when June weather is actually June weather, not this freezy-rainy ridiculousness). Part of my poolside experience involves grabbing a big book, laying out my fluffy, oversized beachy towel, kickin’ off my flip flops, pulling down my shades, and getting lost in hopefully what may be some totally engrossing book that makes an hour by the pool go by way too fast.

Last year I ended up spending quite a bit o’ time by the pool thanks to my charming torn MCL that rendered me a bit immobile for a few weeks. At first I was angry I wouldn’t be able to be active for several weeks, missing out on several races I wanted to do and just basically walking normal without a large, black brace around my knee. But I soon realized that being stuck by the side of a pool with no place to go and nothing to do but read, read, read was a small spot of heaven. It really, really was. I read interesting historical books such as The Mapmaker’s Wife (a slow read, a lot of astronomical science), eye-raising books such as The Sex Lives of Cannibals (not what you think), and classics such as Jane Austen’s Emma and Tolstoy’s Resurrection (one of my all time fav’s).

The pic above is pulled from the Sundance Catalog Outlet site – sigh…I love that place. These smart whippets have put together a nice collection of Summer Take-Along Tomes. I’ve read a couple of them, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (really liked it), and Rapture by Susan Minot (great writing, just a different story), but I’m tempted to find the others online and check ’em out. I already have the following books on my “To Read” list for Summer:

Well, that is the short list, anyway. If I listed all the books I wanted to read, this list would never end! You can be assured that I will be sittin’ poolside (once the sun actually comes out) many times this summer, reading one of these babies above.





  1. whitney · June 12, 2008

    I suck at reading right now, I blame blogs. But I have read the three cups of tea and loved it. I’m going to look into the others. As much as I love blogs, it isn’t brain food. What pool and when should I meet you?

  2. angelbrew · June 13, 2008

    That’s good to hear the Three Cups of Tea book is worth the read. And I hear you on blog reading vs. book reading. I can get lost in blog reading and think, ‘It’s been two hours already??’
    You can come hang at our pool up here in Farmington anytime. We like to kick it at the clubhouse on Saturdays.

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