I gots issues

I had a thought today – yes, just one. Somedays are like that. Only one thought can be allowed into my brain at a time because everything external to me, a.k.a. “life”, can occupy great spaces in my head. Which therefore means that only one thought can reside until I wear it out and go onto the next one. Just thought I would lay out for you the inner workings of my mind. Hmm. Scary, isn’t it? Back to my thought.

I was talking with a colleague about what’s going on in the world, how my little sphere of existence seems to be rolling along these days, and somehow we started talking about issues. I’m not referring to political/work/health issues, publications, ethical dilemmas, or what have you (well, not specifically, more as a whole). I’m talking ’bout when people have “issues”. You can just see the fingers go up in the quotation mark sign when the word “issues” is spoken. It’s problems, folks. And don’t we all have ’em.

I have issues with work (who doesn’t?), issues with driving, with gas, money, The Guy, my son, my home, my family, my clothing allowance, the environment, the whole “Go Green” movement (ai yi yi), car repair, fresh produce, money, the internet, time to workout, rude people, mean people, ignorant people, fry ends, that yucky lime green color that makes everyone have sallow skin, the calories in a Nielsens Frozen Custard concrete, money, the sound a straw makes when pulled through a plastic lid, ants, spiders, money – yeah, I think that’s most of it.

Thankfully, I found something that put into perspective how silly my issues can be. Or just that everybody has them…even if they’re imaginary.

Thanks, Jermaine and Brett, for giving me perspective and helping me to Think About It. I can let go of some of my issues now. Or at least ignore them for awhile. 🙂



  1. Natalie · May 29, 2008

    Bless ‘Flight of the Conchords’ for keeping things in perspective for us. Why do I pay so much for sneakers? GOSH! I’m fadin’ out..fadin’ out…

  2. Katie · May 29, 2008

    I love that video! Last night we all watched Flight of the Conchord episodes…hilarious and guess what? They were just in Washington on Monday at the Sasquatch Festival and we found out yesterday! Bummer….we totally would have driven up.

  3. Allison · May 29, 2008

    Ahhh…A strange monkey disease.

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