Summertime and the living is…well, wet…and expensive

I always enjoy the Memorial Day weekend because it means that summer is here and the weather is heating up. Except not so much this past weekend. In fact, we’ve had the craziest weather that I can remember in terms of extreme highs to dropping 40 degrees the very next day. It’s been cold and wet for so long that I’m thinking we’re really going to bypass the Spring season all together and go straight into summer.

I was hoping that this weekend would be a little less drizzly seeing as how I gave Caden his birthday gift early. He’s been in sore need of a new bike since last summer but I wanted to wait and invest (read: spend more money than I should) in a really good bike that would last for three years or more, considering growth spurts and all that entails. Friday afternoon, I picked him up from school and we headed on over to Bountiful Bicycle where he selected a new green and black Specialized bike that I’m crossing my fingers lasts for at least three years. It’s a little bit big for him right now but not too bad, he’s only crashed 11 times or so. I also happened to pick up a new road bike for myself as I am now much more serious about getting into triathlons (although the swim portion still does not thrill me; can I run that portion instead of swim it? 🙂 ).

I had pictured a beautiful weekend of Caden and me heading out on our bikes with The Guy (he’s a huge biker), enjoying the crisp weather, and getting in a little “fun” exercise. We’d pack a lunch, head on up a trail, throw our heads back and laugh and somewhere someone would observe us and think, “Now there goes a Hallmark card.” Hmmmm, not so much. There was some of that going on (getting on the bikes – not the Hallmark observations) but in very short spurts thanks to Mother Nature opening up the clouds. Now, I know we’ve been in a “drought” for some time and people have prayed and prayed for rain and moisture, but I think we’re good now, people. Let’s get up off our knees so we can actually enjoy some nice weather; the sun is not evil, it is our friend.

I do wish that I could use my bike as a means to transport myself to work. I could save a trundle of money that way, considering that my local gas station is sporting gas prices of $3.90 a gallon. Sigh…but I won’t make this post a bitter diatribe over the evil influences of oil into our meager lives. I will just keep on keepin’ on…just a little more broke. But I will enjoy a summer full of bike rides with Caden. And those memories will last longer than the gallons of gas I will kiss goodbye all summer long.


One comment

  1. Katie Demcak · May 27, 2008

    I can’t believe how wet it has been there. It hasn’t even been that bad here in Oregon! So did you guys end up camping or not? I’d heard you were going but I guess the weather didn’t let you. So you have to tell me all what you guys did this weekend together! Sounds like you had fun regardless!

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