Jenny, er, Jessie, what is it? I forget…

I don’t know if it’s signs of aging (oh horror of horrors) or if people just don’t know how to speak clearly these days, but I am having a hard time understanding what people are saying. Especially when it comes to names. Everything is LOUD and FAST and maybe that’s why we all mumble or forget to an-nun-ci-ate our words. We’re always trying to listen to too many things at once (dang those ipods!).

There’s a woman at my church and I’m just not quite sure if her name is Judy or Julie. The reason why I’m not so sure is that every single time I’ve talked to her or asked her to remind me of her name, right as she gets to the critical “d” or “l” sound, some noise invariably invades that moment and it gets lost. So I’m still not sure if it’s Judy or Julie. And because of that, I try to get by it by not completely  pronouncing that middle part – it always ends up as “Joovie” or a very soft “Joonie”. Sometimes it’s just, “Hey! It’s so good to see you!” Due to this awkardness and me feeling a bit embarrassed to keep asking her name, I kind of do the “duck and dash” when I see her, or the quick “Hi-Bye!” that I’ve perfected so that it looks like I’m headed off to something very important. No offense, Joovie.

However, I ran into a predicament with her on Sunday because she tracked me down. I couldn’t turn and run because she grabbed my arm in that friendly-churchy way and leaned in to lavish praise upon me. “Oh, I just had to tell you, Angie, that I loved your talk last week in church! You were so good and I wanted to grab you last week but I had to run.” Aw, how sweet of her. There was just one problem. I didn’t give a talk last week. Uh oh…

I smiled politely and said, “Well, thank you so much, Joo(n)ie, but that was actually not me. It was a very good talk, though, and I wish I could take credit!”

Poor Judy/Julie/Joovie/Joonie was very embarrassed and I thought I would be able to move on quickly so I wouldn’t have to use her name again. “Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m sure it was you. Oh well…would you like to come to class with me?” Dang it. “Sure, I’ll go over with you.”

Sigh…but I was hoping that at least I could solve the mystery of her name because the class was pretty small and surely somebody would call on her to do something. Yep, they did, and this is how it went down.

“Let’s see, Ju-(cough,cough)-y, could you read verses 9-14, please?”

Crap!! Still don’t know her name. Maybe by next week I can solve the mystery. Or I could always just keep on calling her Joovie.



  1. Amanda (Mariotti) Calton · May 21, 2008

    Hysterical! I never forget a face, but I always forget names and I know what this nightmarish experience is when you don’t know someone’s name but too much time and interaction has passed so it would be ridiculous to ask. This is great – I have literally been here exactly. You teach her a lesson – call her Joonie with pride!

  2. Fauvist · June 2, 2008

    Fauvist says : I absolutely agree with this !

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