I would swoon

…if The Guy dressed like this one day. I would have to do some serious, serious persuading to get him to put a scarf around his neck like that. But this effortless look that is simultaneously sophisticated yet smoothly sexy (with a hint of salty beach air) just appeals to me so much. I saw this pic and stopped dead in my scrolling and thought, ‘Wow…how can I get The Guy to wear that?

I go check out The Sartorialist’s blog every once and again just to see all the fashion do’s and oh my’s that pop up all over the planet. I love to see how people create their own unique style, mix articles of clothing together, and just be who they are. It always sends me into a creative daydream wrapped around what I would do with my own wardrobe…hmmm…oh, sorry. Got lost there for a minute. Back to the pic above, I’m going to have to find something similar for The Guy…and convince him that a scarf is not too metro-sexual for his tastes. 🙂

Follow-up (a couple days later): I just talked to The Guy and he read this little post. His reply? “No freaking way…except for maybe the shorts.” Ah well, I guess a girl can dream.


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