Louise’s Legacy hit the road with pride

Saturday was the annual Race for the Cure in downtown SLC. And like every year, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It still amazes me how much it has grown and it’s starting to show strain on the system (I’ll just politely say it was less organized this year than in past years – but still worth it).

I headed down a little early to pick up my teams bibs and t-shirts. Those that signed up were me, my mom, Natalie, Lara, Kristina, and Patrick. I had sent out a text to everyone saying to meet in front of the Virgin Record store sign on the outside of the Gateway shopping complex. Yeah…so, when did Virgin go out of business?? I realized when I got down there and saw NO Virgin sign that it might be a wee bit impossible to find the fam amidst a sea of 15,000 people in look alike t-shirts. I had my Blackberry with me and thankfully hooked up with Natalie. We happened to amazingly “find” Lara and took a quick pic:

One minute before the race began, we finally hooked up with my mom and took another pic with the daughters and mother together:

 We looked for you, Kristina and Patrick, but alas, it was almost a lost cause! I hope you guys made it and had a great time.

It took probably 8 minutes just to get to the starting line from where we were, but after that I was off. They do not use chips anymore (too large for them to control it) but my own monitoring of my time was somewhere just shy of 27 minutes. It’s a huge race and dodging through hordes of walkers when you’re trying to run can be an adventure. But all in all I was just so happy to get out there with the picture of my grandma and sign on my back that read: In Memory of Our Grandma – Louise Dickson Taylor. Those of you who couldn’t (or didn’t) sign up, I’m going to be hunting you down for next year! It’s truly something you do not want to miss.



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