Get a little celebration on

Today is such a good day, you know why? It’s Thursday! And I feel the need to celebrate this little fact. I feel the need to celebrate anything today, to find the good in the menial day-to-day tasks I take on and have to complete. Because maybe, just maybe, it will make my day go better. And making my day go better puts me in a good mood which I in turn pass along to others. And possibly they catch the fever or celebratory mood and keep it going on to somebody else. And that somebody else, who might be having a bad day, has their frown turned upside down and the infectiousness of having a really good day and celebrating everything keeps going and going. Yes, I realize my logic is starting to reach a feverish pitch but this is what having a celebratory day means.

Here are a few things I’m celebrating today:

  • I got Caden off to school early this morning; I’m talking at least 15 minutes before school started, he was at the door ready to head inside. It’s a beautiful thing to experience, a rarity that comes along every once in awhile and why? Because he is routinely just “barely” on time (cough – a titch late) almost every day because I can never predict traffic patterns. And he’s a slowpoke in the morning when it comes to getting ready. But not today! He was early and I was ready to move on to work (sort of). So yay! Celebration #1
  • The traffic from my house to my office in Riverton was FABULOUS – no crazy drivers, everyone staying in their appropriate lanes (um, see my post below for more on that), and even better – no accidents. Good job, Utah morning drivers. You stay classy and keep driving like you did today. Celebration #2
  • I did not (but-almost-sort-of) pass out when I had blood drawn at work today. Whoohoo! This is a milestone for me and something squeamishly wonderful to celebrate. You see, I don’t do so well with (gulp!) needles. Don’t bring them near me, don’t mention them, don’t talk about that red stuff that flows through your veins, don’t even poke me with something sharp. I despise those pointed instruments and out of the last 8 times I’ve had to get blood drawn, I’ve passed out 7. Just head over heels, kaboom! But today I did a lot of positive self talk going down to get my blood drawn. “You’re going to be fine, you’re not going to get lightheaded, you did your makeup so nice today you don’t want to mess it up, you’re going to stare at your shoes and count to a million…” I did get extremely pale and the two nurses thought I was about to hit the deck (“She’s going…look, she’s going to go…her eyes are rolling, she’s paler than pale…”) but I squinched (it’s a medical/technical term) up my eyes, forced myself to breathe, and pretty soon all that whooshing noise in my ears and the blackness that was starting to envelop my eyes went away. Yay! No fainting for Angie! Celebration #3
  • I cleaned my car out. Thank you, thank you, stop your applause and Mom, please get up off the floor. This was a monumental moment and I should have documented with my camera for posterity’s sake. Oh well. Maybe next year. 🙂 I hit up the Tar-jay at lunch to pick up Armor-all wipes and proceeded to go to town on the inside of my car. My entire dashboard, the sides of the doors, running boards, the glass, every piece of garbage (or what could be garbage) I got rid of. I could almost see my face gleaming back at me in my shiny, black dash. Sigh…it dang near brought a tear to my eye, it was such a beautiful thing to behold. A big pat on the back for me (and The Guy will be so happy, too; darn him, he is so meticulous about cleaning his car – but then again, he’s not hauling around kids and sports equipment and juice boxes and granola bars weekly).

Yes, I’ve had a day full of celebrations and while there was no fanfare or confetti or even cake (well, there was some juice and cookies after the blood draw), it still puts a smile on my face. My only suggestion to you? Find the little things to celebrate – it will make your day. 


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