Music and the spoken word


Typical Sunday – I turn on some soft, soothing music of some sort (wow – what alliteration) and relax into a big easy chair to read, write, or just think. Today I turned on one of my favorite soundtracks, that of Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley version) and started to sort through some old photos. Caden was downstairs practicing magic tricks (his latest fly-by-night obsession), trying to perfect his illusions, when he called up to me, “Hey, Mom?”


“Why are we listening to ballet music?”

“This isn’t ballet music – it’s from one of my favorite movies.”

“Well, it sounds like ballet music to me. And seven and a half year olds do NOT like ballet music. Do you have any sports music? Or Elvis?”

“No. This is good music for a Sunday.”

“Mom, this is seriously complicating my magic down here – it’s not working because that ballet music is getting in the way.”

There you go. Ballet music complicates magic. Who knew?


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