Saturday is for running

Or at least it should be. Today I am allowed to get out the door and hit up a few miles (I’m shooting for 15 but will be happy with 12) which is something I was not allowed to do for awhile because of a health scare recently. Let me tell you how awful it was to look outside my window, see the beautiful morning unfold, and know that I couldn’t go lace up my shoes because it was “off limits”. Aaaarrrggghh! And this with me having a marathon in a couple of weeks. Sigh…so I’m fully aware that I may have to push back when I get to do my first marathon for the year. BUT I am going to do my darnedest to try and run (but not be stupid about it).

Also, for those that aren’t into the very long distances, next Saturday, the 10th of May, is the Race for the Cure in downtown Salt Lake City. I have my team put together (made up of all cousins and a sister) – do you? It’s for a very worthy cause and I recommend you check it out. If you can’t do a 5K (3.1 miles for you novices), there is always the 1 mile walk and come on, you can do THAT! 🙂

And speaking of Race for the Cure, it reminds me of Mothers Day coming up. I found these ridiculously cute cupcakes off of Bakerella’s blog (who was recently on Martha Stewart – good for her!) and I’m thinking I might have my Activity Days girls make a few of these. Of course, I can already envision the flour fights, the fingers stuck in chocolate, the chat-chat-chat about boys that they love to do with me (that’s another story – I feel so responsible for telling 8 & 9 year old little girls to stop thinking about kissing a bunch of boys!). If we fail, we fail but at least we’ll have some good eats, right?

For Mom


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