Katie’s got the hotness


Today is my little sister Katie’s 24th birthday. My sister that moved to Oregon just a couple of weeks ago with her hubby Dave and the sweetest baby girl you ever did see, Sammy. My sister watched Caden on Wednesdays, a day that became synonymous with ANTM watching/bashing and excellent homecooked meals for me. My sister who loves to shop about as much as I do which is something I instilled in her at very young age. My sister who was an example to all of patience, endurance, courage, and pure love when Samantha had a traumatized birth and was in the NICU for the first three weeks of her life. My sister who is an excellent interior decorator with an eye for small details. My sister that I got to play Spring volleyball with and we became known as the “Twin Towers” on the team. My sister who often gets mistaken for me because we look alike – tall, blonde, curly hair  (and usually she’s borrowed some of my clothes). My sister who has been a great listening ear over the years through all of my dating trials/woes/tragedies/comedies. My sister who is a loving wife and a fantastic mom to her beautiful little girl.

My sister is amazing. I love you, Katie! 


One comment

  1. Katie · May 3, 2008

    I loved what you wrote, thank you so much Angie! And I love those pictures too! It makes me miss you and Caden so much more. I love my sisters so much! Hope your run went well! Love you!

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