The unveiling

By now, those of you who had no idea what The Guy looked like now have a pretty good indication because of my trip pictures I posted below. For many in my family, this is the first time they’ve ever seen so much of him! Yes, hard to believe that with all the time I’ve spent with him there has yet to be more – ahem, any – time spent with my family. Great guy but incredibly shy. It boggles my mind, it really does. So if any of you have suggestions or ideas on how to “break the ice” so to speak on getting him convinced to come to a Sunday dinner or two, please – pass along your advice. I’m out of ammo in my arsenal.

The Guy has, however, met my parents and he very much enjoyed the experience (after it was over 🙂 ). In all seriousness, he really liked the parentals, especially my stoic, serious, never-cracks-a-joke Dad. For those that know, my Dad can’t help but be hilarious and he put The Guy at ease right away. Not to mention they could swap football stories (The Guy played in high school and in college).

Here are some other interesting factoids about The Guy you might be interested in:

  • He is 1″ taller than me; sigh…so much for finding that 6’5″ guy to tower over a me, a 5’10” girl.
  • He is 8 years older than me, never been married.
  • He was born in Miami and thus is a die hard Miami Dolphins fan (sucks for him seeing as how they won just one single game last season).
  • He is also a die hard Cubs fan which means that my bro-in-law Dave considers him his mortal enemy seeing as how Dave is a Cardinals fan (ah well, conflict is good, right?).
  • He is one speedy runner – he puts me to shame; He ran track in high school and held for a moment in time the state record for the 400m dash (I think it was that distance…). One other note on this: he bugs the heck out of me when we go running together and starts toying with my speed. I try to tell him, “I am long distance, buddy, not Speedy Gonzales.” He’ll just bound along like it’s no big deal. Aarrgghh – I hate you…when you do that. 😉
  • He owns a wholesale art company and frame shop. Yes, for those who know that that was my first job and that I am a big lover and supporter of the arts (my undergrad? Painting & Drawing BFA), this is too uncanny. He also knows my first boss, has for years, and they made the connection regarding me just a couple of months ago. Thankfully, my old boss didn’t say anything mean (how could he, right? haha!).
  • He has 9 siblings total in his family – between full, step, and half, and he’s the second oldest.
  • Favorite color? Blue. Picky eater? You betcha.
  • He has the deepest blue eyes you ever did see (women on the cruise would stare – I laughed, he blushed).
  • He is a die hard BYU fan. Yes, this has been a good debate between the two of us seeing as how I am a die hard Ute fan. He won’t even wear red, he’s so against them. However, he is not a poor sport when it comes to the classic rivalry, meaning he doesn’t think everything his team does is gold and they should never have fouls or penalties called against them. He at least can be somewhat reasonable in that regard.
  • His favorite place in the whole world? Hawaii – he’s a huge Magnum P.I. fan.
  • He is a huge music afficionado – everything is music to him and he finds meaning in so many songs (hello? remember this post?) and often comments that he could produce music better than “the other guys”.
  • He’s a pilot – loves, loves, LOVES to fly and at one time wanted to be an airline jet pilot. He has models of jetliners, is addicted to his Flight Simulator, and can tell you the flight patterns out of many cities, what their runways look like, etc.
  • He’s pretty cute, but that’s just my personal opinion. 🙂


One comment

  1. Katie · April 24, 2008

    Well I thought that’s a nice picture of you and Jeff….his eyes are a deep shade of blue like I’ve never seen before! 🙂 ‘Course who knows if I’ll ever see them anyway..again 🙂 I wish I could say what would make him want to see the family though. He’s a picky eater so I don’t know if offering him chocolate (even backer’s chocolate) would do any good. hmmm well besides food I’m fresh out of ideas, haven’t we tried everything already? I guess he’ll have to figure it out. Miss you lots!

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