Block Busters got it done

Last night was my very last volleyball game until the Fall. Sigh…I am not happy about that. I’ve really, really enjoyed playing with these women and the team is changing after this brief time together. One, Katie is moving. Let’s not talk about that because I may just cry. Two, Mardene is going to another team. I have to give her kudos. She was the oldest on the team, admittedly open about being the weakest link, but she gave it her all and last night she had a great game. I was so proud of her. Three, I may or may not be moving by September when the season starts up again. Many changes.

But last night we made the most of being all together for one last time. We played a fairly good team but the first match, I was kind of scratching my head. We killed them 24-5 and I was wondering if it was due to the fact it was a late game (in the 9:00 hour). Yeah, we got a little cocky and lost the second game 18-11. Now we both meant business. Rally scoring makes you completely step up your game as every mistake gives the other team a point. It was neck and neck up until we were both 10-10 and then we decided to put it to bed, folks. That’s right, we WON! Sigh…so nice to go out on a winning note, playing the last game with my sister for quite some time most likely, and knowing that I can go on vacation with a clear conscience (seriously, I would have been so bugged if we had lost; I am just a leeeetle bit competitive).

The ladies pictured above are Vicky, Katie, Jodi, Shelby, Mardene, and Moi. And we totally rock. 🙂


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