The Interview, Part I


So many people are interested in The Guy – who he is, what he does, why he lives and breathes, is he tall, is he short, does his double-jointed thumb bother me…hmmm, so many questions. I told The Guy I would never put anything on here that would intentionally embarrass him. But I never said anything about putting information on here that could hypothetically embarrass him – or at the very least, share a little bit of what makes him HIM and why I like him so much. I’m thinking an interview would work best:

Moi: Well, hello there, The Guy.

The Guy: Hi there, Angel-A.

Moi: I’m going to ask you a few questions because inquiring minds want to know: who are you and what makes you tick? You’re kind of reclusive, a little shy for some of my family’s taste.

The Guy (smiling sheepishly): Oh gosh, I can’t believe you’re actually going to do this. I AM shy around people I don’t know!

Moi: Yes, most people are. That’s why we have dinners so we can get to know others better – hint, hint.

The Guy: Yeah, I know…

Moi: Moving on, since you are so eager to talk on this topic…What was it about me that made you think, ‘Hmm, I want to date this girl’. I mean, was it my effervescent personality, my statuesque frame, my cunning mind?

The Guy (laughing): No, it wasn’t!

Moi (a bit crestfallen): Oh, I see…

The Guy (backpeddling now): Wait! Not that I didn’t see those things but I was more attracted to how you put words together. You’re a smart girl and without a doubt that’s your most attractive trait to me {Editor’s note: this part is an actual quote from him, not something entirely made up by me}.

Moi: So, I guess I should be happy that you were attracted to my mind more than my body.

The Guy: Isn’t that what most girls want? You are cute, too, I’ll give you that.

Moi: Gee. Thanks, The Guy.

The Guy: Well, I could ask you the same question: What was it about me that made you so interested to want to get to know me better?

Moi: Let me think, let me think…I know there’s got to be some groundbreaking reason here…Well, you do have very nice eyes. But that’s not why I liked you. You made me laugh, pure and simple. And you challenge me. I’m not talking frustration (although you do frustrate me at times), I’m more along the lines of ‘Wow, he’s not some puppy dog guy who agrees with everything I say. He’s pretty fun to have a good conversation with!’

The Guy: Yes, this is true, I am pretty amazing.

Moi: And so humble.

The Guy: It’s hard to be humble when you are this good (taps hands on chest).

Moi: Humph. Yeah. It’s so hard to be you.

The Guy (laughing again): You know I’m teasing you! It’s what you like best about me!

Moi: Sigh…yes, I can’t help it. But you’re the one who finally decided to commit to a relationship here. I figure you have to be a little smart to not let me go. {said with a wicked grin}

The Guy: All I can say is that since I met you almost two years ago, you have always been on my mind. You just have. For whatever reason, I wasn’t really ready to date steadily and then when I heard that song in December, it just hit me that if I didn’t act now, I may never have the chance to. I already told you how I listened to that song a hundred times before I started calling you regularly.

Moi: Yes, you did. And it only took me three weeks to drag it out of you on what the song was that made you come around!

The Guy: Hey, I don’t give up too much information. I’m a pretty slow mover and I’ll give you what I can as we move along here.

Moi (said with a smile): You know I’m going to push you to do more.

The Guy (blushing, smiling): You already have.

Next time, in The Interview, Part II, I think we’ll go into a bit more detail on family, travel, and what the future holds. Wait – no. I think I’ll just stick with the first two for awhile. No need to rush anything. 😉



  1. Natalie · April 2, 2008

    Yeah, rushing things might be bad. If I were (hypothetically speaking) going to slow things down, I might take a weekend jaunt, or go on a cruise together, among other things. Meeting family gives the wrong idea about where a relationship is headed–who wants that? 😛

  2. Alan · April 2, 2008

    I get busy for a little while and don’t check the blog and come back to find out you’re getting serious with “The Guy” who clearly is a senile old man! Your dad was senile at 25 when your mom was 19. That’s an established Taylor family fact. Ask anyone. How old are you now… 24 or 25? Let’s see I’m x and I was about 14 when you were born so that would be x – 14… carry the one… and you’re only about 31 (so I was off a little).

    Looking forward to meeting “The Guy” sometime. I’m going over to your other blog to see what else I’ve missed…

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