A Tribute for Two

These folks below be my parental figures. They be always raising me right since the day I was born…and even when I tried to off my baby brother when he was tryin’ to encroach on my livin’ space at a tender age of almost three. Yep, they learn me to ‘spress myself in all sorts of ways and I gots the tender rosies about the two of them thar folks.

In all seriousness, I have been meaning this entire month {seeing as how both of their birthdays fall in March} to dedicate a post or two about the most important people in my life. I don’t know how I could possibly put into words how much they have influenced my life, how they have been a light and direction when times were bad, a comfort and cheer section when I celebrated wins and losses, how they always provided a safe haven for me to grow up in and come back to when I needed it most.

Growing up, I always thought my parents were so young compared to some of my friends {this was due mainly to the fact that I was the oldest in my family and my friends were usually the youngest in theirs). “My mom is so beautiful,” I remember thinking in third grade. She came in with another friend’s mom for a class program (Stone Soup – remember the play, Mom?) and as I looked at both of them, my mom looked like a supermodel and my friend’s mom looked like a grandma {no offense, Lois}.  My mom has always been a lady in every way, shape, and form and everyone who knows her speaks so highly of her. I am so proud to be her daughter.

My dad is the ying to my mom’s yang. Where my mom is quiet, elegant, and somewhat shy, my dad is just NOT. They complement each other so well in this area because they are opposites on so many things, but they make it work. My dad is outgoing, social, and the neighborhood jokester. People like being around my dad – he makes them laugh, is a great listening ear, and is one of the most loyal people you could ever know. My friends always enjoyed talking with my dad because they just never knew how he would make them laugh.

If I had the opportunity to pick the qualities and traits I would love to have in parents, these two have them in spades. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for loving me for me and teaching me how to love others. Happy Birthday! {albeit a bit of a belated wish}




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