The Madness of March

I love Spring. I love the temperature changes, the blooming flowers, the green showing back up everywhere, and the jibs and jabs that come from March Madness Smack-talk. There’s nothing better than throwing down a friend’s team or watching a hated opponent eat dirt during the craziness we all know and love as the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament.

I’m hoping by this point that you all (meaning, the three of you that read this little ditty) have filled out your bracket(s), ponied up your money, and are ready to start crying in about 48 hours because that’s when you really know whether or not you are in it to win it or if your teams gave up the ghost. In my little world, I am participating in three different bracket competitions – 1) at work (it’s free and they are giving away fun little prizes for top scorers), 2) with The Guy and 33 of his friends ($10 a pop – winner takes all), and 3) with a couple of other co-workers where the winner gets their green fees paid for a round of golf. 

Since I am just getting over a weird flu-like cold, I have been on severe meds that make me see things in purple and bright blue…so my picks may be a bit off this year. But I also could have somehow tapped into a “psychic realm” and maybe, just maybe I could have potentially picked all first-round winners ever in HISTORY! But I’m not gonna hold my breath…we’ll see how the next 48 hours goes.

Thankfully, my office seems to understand how important the next couple of days really are to everyone in the country and that a lot of money is waiting to be lost or won. So in that vein, they have set up a specific “MARCH MADNESS HOLY WAR ROOM” where at any time during the day you can head on down to watch the games and either curse your sorry state or pump a fist full of glory. A tear just trickled down my cheek, it is so thoughtful of them to remember us during these hard times. 🙂

All I can say now is GO UCLA or GO KANSAS!!! (I picked you both as winners for different brackets – don’t let me down now)


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