I need something more

Have you ever just had one of those days where you feel like you just need something big to happen? Something fantastically wonderful and magically glorious? All right, I realize I’m sounding a bit “overly optimistic and saccharine” but I am in the mood for something incredible to happen.

Let’s not talk about the economy – I’m trying not to let the naysayers and doomsday seers get me down. Yeah, I can see my stock is tanking, thank you very much. I appreciate your oh so intelligent insight that we’re headed into a “recession”. Ahem, excuse me, but since when does commerce and economic stimulation keep going up and up? Eventually that balloon has to pop and we start the cycle all over again. What must go up must come down…and then eventually go up again.

Politics? Nope, nope, nope! Tired of the rhetoric, tired of the media pundits, tired of the constant barrage of campaigning/backbiting/fake sincerity. Strange to feel so apathetic about it at this point, but seriously, let’s just throw the dice in air and see where it lands at this point. (Okay, not really, but I would like to see a good knock down fight a la boxing match between Obama and Hilary; just don’t put her in any spandex)

Hmmm, dating? I suppose I could expect something to happen there – but I kind of hope it doesn’t for awhile. Things are going just fine with The Guy and I am in no mood to rush it along. In fact, I am essentially digging my heels in a bit just because I can. I need to find out if he has a third nipple or tumor that used to be his twin somewhere’s on his body. Lots of stuff still to be discovered about (and apparently on) him.

Let’s see, let’s see – what’s left? Well, I guess I could share family news that is bittersweet.dsc01980.jpgYesterday, Dave and Katie told us that they are taking on a new adventure: they are moving to Oregon in probably 4-6 weeks. Awww, no!!! My sister that I talk with all the time (since she watches Caden for me once a week) and that I love to be a personal stylist to – what am I going to do without her? Katie and I are easily pegged as sisters because we look the most alike – blonde, tall, athletic, curly curly hair. I think I instilled in her the shopping gene (again, sorry about that, Dave) and there are many areas in which we are so alike. She and I have really enjoyed playing volleyball together and I am going to be so sad to not be able to play with her again in the Fall. It breaks my heart from a selfish standpoint – I need her; she can’t move. But I know that the job opportunity for Dave is very good and they will have the chance to live by Dave’s family. This does mean more trips to Oregon for me, however! But I will miss you, Katie, Dave, and Sammy, so much that I don’t want to think about it right now.

I guess I’m just feeling these past few days that I need something more, but I don’t know how to quantify or qualify the “more”. There’s just some space there that needs to be filled. I’m hoping that whatever I find to help patch up the blanks is magically glorious. 🙂




  1. Claire the 3rd · March 18, 2008

    I hate those days when nothing exciting happens… I guess it’s up to me to make something exciting happen but sometimes you just can’t be bothered! I recently became a personal stylist and i tell you what… it has made the dayso much more exciting. I came accross a cool site the other day which is like an online personal stylist service and cerainly cheered me up! Check it out it’s amazingly accurate!

  2. angelbrew · March 18, 2008

    Personal styling – I like it! Thanks for sharing the link, Claire the 3rd (and cool name – I’m thinking of changing mine to Angelica the First…maybe).

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