Son of a – I HATE to lose!

I post on here frequently about my volleyball games that I love so dearly. It’s my chance, my one great opportunity a week to pound the living daylights out of a piece of leather and hopefully gain a point (or sideout) for my team. I relish this time (nay, I crave it) because it serves to satisfy my appetite for competition. Nothing beats the thrill, the spine-tingling exhilaration, and undeniable high that comes from the sweet taste of victory and competitive sports. And my team was undefeated – until this past Monday night.

I received a text message from Katie Monday evening informing me that our team had choked, had succumbed to the intimidation of a few good players and gave up trying. Why was I not there to help? I, of course, was in the frozen tundra selling pictures to the good people of Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was hoping my team could hold out one week while I was gone, crossing my fingers that the team they would be playing would not be very good. Sigh…I guess that was hoping for too much. The hardest part is hearing that some team members just GAVE UP once they got behind. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!! That drives me insane. As far as a game is concerned, you play your butt off until you hit the floor (unless you’re sick – then you have a free pass 🙂 ).

Next week I will be looking to get a little confidence restored back to my team. No playing in skirts, ladies! Get ready to shape up and sweat. We’re going to pound the stitching out of the ball!

(BTW, can’t you just hear the conversation that would be going on with that pic I posted above? “Oh, Margaret, look at you! That hit is so heavenly.” “Edith, be ready to snap your girdle diving for that ball. Be careful not to scuff those white shoes now.” “Ladies, let’s finish up. It’s time to go to Home Ec!”



  1. April · March 12, 2008

    Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! We just lost and we were undefeated too! I think you jinxed me-after I read your blog today. We lost 16-17 in the 5th. AAAHHHH! So sorry about your loss too. Maybe its a good thing and it can be a wake up call to play better next week!

  2. Emmy · March 16, 2008

    wait, that’s caden in that picture? very neat.

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