Along the frozen tundra

Ranier, MN : Lonely Winter-isolation depicted down by 7 oaks

I haven’t posted in a wee bit because life just sometimes gets in the way. I’m working on letting go of things I can’t control at work, and right now I’m sitting in Minneapolis working alongside The Guy at a trade show for his business. Yes, I left the gently warming air of SLC to come and freeze my arse off in Minnesota. When I flew in Friday night, the pilot joked that we were just settling into the polar ice cap where it was a balmy -16 degrees. YES – that was a NEGATIVE in front of that number. Sorry, Minnesotans, but why in the heck (or rather how) do you live in weather like this??? As I stepped off of the plane onto the jetway, the air was so bitingly cold a constant haze surrounded your head from the air you exhaled. I could barely walk, my legs were shaking so.

And now I am here sitting in a booth, along with 300 other exhibitors, talking with potential customers and employing my awesome salemanship to boost revenue. I know The Guy is happy to have me here (just so he won’t blow his brains out) and impressed with my sales abilities – because they totally ROCK. 🙂 But when I think about the fact that I left 50+ degree weather to come to -16 degrees (it has since warmed up to 24 – whoohoo! A heat wave!), I must sit back and scratch my head. I think I must kind of like The Guy to agree to come all this way out to sit in a booth for 9 hours a day talking to strangers who aren’t making me any money. Yeah, I think that must be it.


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