Joining the ranks

The following is a conversation I had with my 7 year old on the way to school this morning.

Caden: Mom, did you hear that on the radio? They said they’re not going to vote for Hilary either.

Moi: You know who Hilary is?Obama wants YOU to sign up for OBAMARAMA

Caden: Yeah, she’s the one we’re not voting for. {We’re??? I was completely unaware that 2nd graders were voting nowadays}

Moi: Is that right? Who do you think we should vote for?

Caden: Obama – he’s cool.

Moi: Obama? Why is he so cool and why do you like him?

Caden {rolling his eyes at me}: Mo-om…because he’s black. And he’s bald. Like Turk! That makes him so cool.

Ah, yes. Little did I understand what constitutes “coolness” in my young son’s eyes. If you are black and bald {the “baldness” is more akin to a really, really close haircut} like Turk on “Scrubs“, you are in like Flynn, man. Too bad he’s too young to vote, Obama.



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