That about sums it up

Dang it all – it’s a Monday again. Meaning that my dating weekend has come to another close and I have to wait another 5 days to enjoy a night out (well, not actually, but just go with me on this).

The Guy and I have had lots of discussions about people getting in relationships and wanting the other person to “change” into an ideal companion. We both agree that’s a bunch of horseradish. But I did point out to him that while “change” is sometimes a ridiculous expectation, “evolution” is a natural process. Yes, you didn’t realize that I believed in the theory of evolution now, did you? I’m talking about the ability for people to “evolve” as they go through a relationship cycle: timidity, curiousity, deep interest, varying degrees of comfortability, shedding layers of selfishness, happiness, and contentment. Not all in order, by any means, but you know how it goes.

Sometimes, however, many people (of which I think the majority may be women) believe the following philosophy below:

And yet some people (let’s just call them guys for simplicity’s sake), following another train of thought:

One comment

  1. 99ppp · March 3, 2008

    Terrific cartoons! It’s unfortunate that some do wish to cram another into an idealized mold they have likely designed prior in their minds.

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