I’ll be getting one

I’ve held on to my 2nd generation pink ipod mini for some time, refusing to let it go because it was a gift from Caden {read – I bought it, told him to give it to me} for Mothers Day 2006. But let me tell you that having something strapped tightly to your arm while trying to run is kind of bothersome. Especially when there are such cute, teeny little mp3 players out these days such as the ipod shuffle.

By the end of this month, I will have a new ipod {in purple, of course} added to my collection because Apple announced today that a 2G shuffle will be circulating the retail atmosphere come the end of this month. And it will be $10 cheaper than what the 1G’s were selling for before today {the price has dropped to $49 for you shuffle lovers}. I’ve got that $69 waiting in hand to plunk down and buy one so I can stop working my arm out when I head out the door for the three hour training runs. I’ll be somewhat sad to see my old mini be retired…maybe. But probably not so much.


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